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G-ZED Mobile Inc. was founded with the express goal of filling a much ignored gap in the market place. By combining the over 12 years of wireless industry experience of one founder, with the over 10 years of import experience of the other, and the combined 40 years of consumer product and retail distribution experience of both, G-ZED is uniquely positioned to determine what products are launching in the marketplace, which of these require hard to find fashion accessories, and then execute on production and delivery in time for commercial launch of these devices.

G-ZED mobile branded products offer time to market, quality, flexibility and extraordinary margin for our retailer partners, all backed up by the GZED Mobile lifetime guaranty!

G-ZED mobile private label products offer exceptional service and a turnkey solution in the market place for any distributor wanting to capitalize on this growing retail category.

G-Zed Mobile Promotional products offer customized and unique mobile accessories for companies to differentiate and promote their businesses or products in today’s hyper competitive environment,

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information, at info@gzedmobile.com

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Lifetime Warranty

All GZED Mobile branded products are backed up by an industry leading lifetime guarantee. If any G-Zed Mobile product is deemed to be defective as a result of a defect in materials or workmanship, G-Zed mobile will replace that product free of charge. (see product package for full details)